Do You Know Where Your Fleet Is?

Fleet View is the ideal GPS and AVL software for  managing thousands of vehicles, individuals, and devices. Continuously monitor a vehicle’s location and environment and respond to alerts of predefined threshold conditions related to idle time, motion, location, time, date, and other event combinations. Real-time or passive versions are feature rich for viewing, recording, and reporting activity. Our telematic solution includes a Ward CANceiver or GPS antenna to collect and transmit data, and communicate over the customer’s or Ward hosted SaaS.

Geofencing and Routes

Industry leading drawing tools create unlimited routes, circular, and polygon boundaries. Polygon tool allows for detailed borders around any point of interest, no matter the shape. Generate alerts when a vehicle arrives or leaves a geofenced boundary. Set buffer boundaries and alerts for vehicles straying from a designated route.

Comprehensive Reports

Advanced query functions enable analysts to quickly generate customized reports without having to search through lengthy files and records. Design reports with our user friendly reporting engine. You’ll see everything at a glance, providing business intelligence that is truly actionable for driver behavior trends such as hard acceleration and breaking, and excessive idle time.

Database flat file exports to complete web services database level exchange.
Add, modify, and remove capability
Field Audit Trail to define policy for retaining archived data
Easily upgrade previous versions

Secure Access

Define user access for the level of data required by their security protocols. Read-only, and or access to assets by division or location. Specify levels in any configuration or combination.