Fleet Fueling Management SaaS

Software As A Service Maximizes Value

With Ward hosted Software-as-a-Service, you can deploy Fuel View, fueling management software across multiple regions and departments, and avoid the operational costs associated with network expansion by adding additional servers.

Your fuel management needs are met through individually tailored solutions, ensuring maximum performance and adaptability. Ward’s Software-as-a-Service platform is simple to use and allows for new sites, tanks, pumps, departments, vehicles, and people to be added as your fleet objectives change – so you never outgrow the system. Each customer is provided with their own virtual environment and a dedicated Fuel View database. You have full password-based access control and retain 100% ownership of the data stored in Ward’s secure data center.

No Down-Time With Built-In Disaster Recovery

With Ward SaaS, databases are mirrored in real-time, backed up hourly and moved. All disaster recovery material resides in multiple locations. A full business continuity/disaster recovery plan is in place for each customer, with hardware failover systems tested quarterly. If a disaster or recovery process is implemented, you are notified immediately.

Physical Security

The data center utilizes multiple layers of security controls including, biometrics, badge readers, locking server cabinets, CCTV, and armed guards. Redundant power and network connectivity along with local emergency generators are present at all locations.

SaaS Secure Data Access

Through fully customizable security features, you have total control of user access levels by encrypted password. Audit trails are maintained by transaction, dates, and operator and track the data that was viewed, changed, created or deleted. Security events are noted by database triggers and stored as perpetual records in the database. Firewalls and DMZ segregation is in place for every customer.


Ward SaaS provides customizable exports and imports between multiple fleet management software products, fuel cards such as WEX, US Bank – Voyager, accounting, HR and access badge security files. Since Ward employs our own world-class software development staff, no request is out of reach for a customized software addition to meet your business requirements.

  • Reduced time to start-up
  • Quicker adoption across your workforce
  • Shift responsibility from your IT Department to Ward
  • No server hardware maintenance or repairs – ever
  • Never buy software again – all future upgrades are included
SaaS Cellular connection

Cellular connection

Customer network with secure VPN tunnel

Customer network with secure VPN tunnel