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Advanced Fuel Control

Ward Fuel Control Terminals are available as a stand-alone intelligent solution that interfaces with dispensing systems for any fuel or fluid used with dispensing pumps. The FCT sets a new standard in fuel control for intelligence in fleet management solutions. The Internet of Things version provides real time communication. Rugged construction provides dependable performance in even the harshest environments for all fuel types: gasoline, diesel, CNG, LNG,  propane and electric vehicle charging stations. Each FCT can control up to 10 hoses in any combination of product. FCTs also provide exceptional versatility and convenience in transit bays for vehicle fluids and lubricants.

Multiple Options

Multiple fuel access and authorization methods are available. Options run from a fully automated system using a Ward CANceiver, HID badge, key fob, magnetic stripe card, data key, keypad entry, or combinations of each, based on your unique business needs.
The versatile FCT comes in several configurations for use in any environment.

  • Internet of Things FCT
  • Fuel island
  • Fueling truck mounted
  • Dispenser mounted
  • Wall mounted
  • Transit bays

Pump Chaining

Convenient single point access of service fluids in use with hose reels in automotive and industrial fleet applications, the FCT can be used in transit bays with pump chaining for mixed fuels, as well as maintenance kiosks for multiple service fluids such as transmission fluids, windshield washer, and oils. Ideal for service trucks, transit bays, and large fleet shops.

Other Uses

  • Car wash access
  • Security gate access
  • Retail card authorization*
  • Receipt printer*

*Requires additional hardware.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]