fuel management

Integrated Fleet Management Solutions

Fuel Management

Secure automated fleet fueling access ensures every drop of fuel is accurately accounted for. In-depth reporting and analysis help lower costs.

Tank Gauging

OMNTEC PROTEUS simultaneously monitors product levels, water levels, temperature, leaks, and much more above ground and below ground.

GPS & Telematics

Extract real-time location and vehicle usage details to uncover trends that can be corrected to improve the health of your fleet vehicles and assets.

EV Charging

Electric vehicle chargers for fleets to meet government mandated compliance requirements. Up to P30 – 40 Amps charging power.

Automated Fueling Management

Ward’s automated fueling management solution provides a secure fleet fueling system and ensures every drop of fuel is accurately accounted for. Fuel Control Terminals automate access. User-friendly Fuel View software tracks and manages fuel from storage tanks to vehicle tanks and beyond. Complete site and fleet analysis through detailed dashboards and in-depth customized reports provide a total picture of your fleet’s fuel usage and cost.

Real-Time GPS And Telematic Solutions

Fleet View software powered by MyGeotab allows you to track the status your vehicles in real-time or near real-time and delivers an in-depth understanding of your fleet. Telematics and GPS tracking features help reduce operating costs by uncovering trends such as waste idle-time, fast accelerating, and harsh breaking. Safety is improved through seat belt tracking and speed monitoring.

Dashboards with key performance indicators and comprehensive, easy-to-read reports provide important data that fleet managers need to make informed decisions and reduce costs and improve operations.

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