SAWS, San Antonio, TX

Since implementation last year, the new Ward Automated Fuel Management System has noticeably improved SAWS fuel business processes and efficiencies, including accountability, security, and preventive maintenance.
Marty Martinez Material Manager

District of Columbia DPW

The Ward ATS has proved invaluable. We now have the ability to locate our fuel tanker trucks anytime, day and night. This gives the entire fleet the peace of mind that the vehicle will always be located.
Lloyd Carter, Vehicle Control Officer

City of Madison, WI

One of the biggest benefits of the Ward AFMS is the ease of use for our operators. The data collection is as good as any system I’ve seen. It’s definitely leading-edge technology.
Bill Vanden Brook,  Fleet Superintendent

North Hempstead, NY

The Ward Automated Fuel Management System provides the Town with an efficient, easy-to-use method to dispense, analyze and monitor fuel consumption. The system greatly reduced the hours and errors from the prior manual fuel dispensing process, which, in turn, will save the Town money.
Frank Prisciandara, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications

Miami Dade Transit, FL

The Ward Transit Automated Fuel Management System has significantly improved bus and fleet performance through accurate data, meter readings and integration into the MDT fleet maintenance system.