EV Charging Solution Overview

EV Charging Stations Overview

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ev power charge solution overview
IoT Fuel Control Terminal PowerCharge Station CANceiver Fuel View Software Communication

IoT Fuel Control Terminal

The Fuel Control Terminal provides controlled access, stores, and transmits transaction data to the Fuel View database. The FCT can also be used for broadcast or targeted messaging.

PowerCharge Station

Access to the EV charging stations can be fully automated or require key fob, access card or manual login.


The CANceiver automates access the EV charging station when the FCT picks up its proximity and collects data for vehicle status, location, and driver behavior, enabling fleet managers to monitor and analyze crucial data and key performance indicators. The CANceiver transmits event data to the FCT and customer network.



Fuel View Software

Fuel View Software centrally controls access and records all activity to provide detailed reports of any EV charging activity and status. Fuel View is available as a SaaS or locally hosted.


Ward has many options for bridge Communication, supporting telematics, and passive to mission-critical connectivity for even the most challenging requirements and demanding environments.

EV Charging Solutions

* Feature is vehicle make, model, and year dependent.Contact a Ward Sales representative.

Veiw the PowerCharge series of EV charging stations.

EV Charging Solutions

Ward suite of solutions include EV charging stations and the ability to manage and track your EV charging stations and fleet EV performance, providing you with the data you need for the highest level of  electric vehicle optimization.

Powerful Level 2 EV chargers are available in multilple configurations for the ideal power to match your supply panel, electric vehicle, and driving range.

Fuel View Enterprise class fueling software for fleets provides At-A-Glance dashboards showing a bird’s eye view of your site and overall status,  with the capability of focusing in on details for specific chargers and electric vehicles. With Fuel View’s customizable key performance indicators, reports, graphs, and alarm triggers, keeping your finger on the pulse of your electric vehicles has never been easier.

Analyze Everything

Selections from within the source list provide a wide range of analytic tools and information corresponding to sites for:

  • Secure EV charging station access
  • Power tracking
  • Audit trails
  • Security gate access control and monitoring
  • Vehicle wash access control and monitoring

Vehicle and telematics available for use with Fuel View:

  • Driver behavior alerts*
  • Seatbelt monitoring*
  • Waste idle time
  • Engine hours and odometer tracking
  • Fuel type and quantity control
  • and more!