Hand in hand with your daily business, Ward telematics, GPS and fueling control solutions can be found in many domestic and international markets. We understand the unique challenges facing fleet managers in different industries and have tailored solutions to meet your needs.

airport fleet fueling solutions


It takes thousands of vehicles to run an airport. Central or decentralized operations management for multiple departments and functions are run on tightly controlled schedules, in confined areas, as well as under FAA regulations. Automated management for fuel access… Read more >

fueling management, fleet maintenance and telematics


Both local and national sized delivery and distribution companies experience a host of problems in managing their fleets’ fueling and drivers’ behavior. These problems often end up increasing delivery costs. Controllable challenges of keeping fuel… Read more >


Managing fleets for government entities is a massive endeavor with exponential issues facing fleet managers. Protecting against fuel theft is a major concern in managing fuel access and usage – whether by department, vehicle, or employee. With… Read more >


Vehicles and fuel powered equipment used in agriculture, construction, mining, and industrial applications pose unique challenges for fueling, maintenance, as well as the environment. Heavy industrial vehicles are work horses: moving heavy loads… Read more >


Terminals and sea ports are among the most important points in the global supply chain and increased competition has resulted in increasingly congested shipping ports. Optimizing loading and unloading operations to reduce the time it takes for… Read more >


Whether investor-owned, public, or cooperative, utilities require a wide range of vehicles for multiple departments and cover hundreds of square miles of service area. Utility vehicles are work horses: some with moving parts, moving heavy loads or… Read more >