Remote Security Gate or Car Wash Access

The Ward stand-alone Control Terminal interfaces with various operations such as remote electric entry gates, car washes, and vacuums. Authorization access methods are fully automated. The CT sets the standard for operational control terminals with dependable performance in extreme environments and weather systems. With additional hardware, the Control Terminal is available for use for retail card authorization and receipt printers.

  • 100% secure
  • Controls multiple dispensers and EV chargers
  • Real-time pump status, transactions, alerts, and system log screens
  • Remote access control
  • Configurable fuel scripts and access card formats
Operating System Windows 10 IoT Enterprise; Intel® E827 Atom™ Processor
Communication Options REST-based API; HTTPS/SSL; Cat5/6 – TCP/IP; Wi-Fi; hard wire; cellular 3G / 4G
Optional data plans available direct from Ward
Processor Intel® Atom™ E3827 dual core; 1.75 GHz core speed
Memory 4 Gb RAM
Storage 64 Gb industrial grade mSata SSD (upgradeable)
Optional TPM 2.0 security for enhanced storage encryption
Power 120 / 240 VAC; less than 2 Amps total current SBC battery back up and line conditioning
Display 7-inch back-lit graphics display screen;
Automatic night light
QWERTY Keypad Full alphanumeric
Optional: Audible feedback upon key press
Temperature Range -40°C to 60°C industrial rated components

Authorization Options

  • HID card
  • Magnetic stripe card
  • Data keys
  • Keypad entry

Other Uses

  • Fuel access
  • Transit bays
  • Retail card authorization*
  • Receipt printer*

*Requires additional hardware.

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