Ward CANceiver for telematics and GPS tracking

Telematics and the Power of CANceivers

The Ward CANceiver enables fleet operators to fully automate fueling access, and use telematics to track vital vehicle diagnostic parameters, driver behavior, and passive GPS tracking in a single, cost effective hardware component. Designed to meet multiple industry standards and with wi-fi updates, Ward’s all-in-one CANceiver is the most powerful driver behavior and vehicle diagnostic tool available to help manage your fleet.

The CANceiver has the most advanced OBDII interface on the market and is a major component within Ward’s suite of solutions. Secure user-level flexibility captures and adds only the features you need to manage your fleet, and easily expands functions as needed. Both light and heavy-duty vehicles are supported with superior performance and durability in extreme environments.

Capturable Vehicle Data

Capturable vehicle attributes meet SAE J1979 specification. Actual data captured is ALWAYS dependent upon the Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle or asset. Click to check CANceiver Compatibility against your vehicle inventory.